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The Top 5 Things To Look For Before Purchasing the Perfect Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

So, you’re in the market for a new toothbrush holder, huh? 

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably researching your options thoroughly before investing your time or money into picking the perfect toothbrush holder—and hey, we don’t blame you! 

Toothbrush holders are so much more than just an old paper cup on your bathroom counter nowadays—there are plenty of options out there, and as you might know, not all of them are created equally. 

If you’re looking for a quality, durable, stylish, and sanitary toothbrush holder, then we’ve got good news for you—you’re in the right spot. This blog is going to introduce you to the godsend of the toothbrush holder types—the ceramic toothbrush holder.

But like we said before, not every holder is created equally, not even the ceramic holders. Before you buy your ideal ceramic toothbrush holder, you need to be able to sort the good from the bad—this way, you’ll ensure you’re purchasing the perfect holder! 

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered—get to reading! We’ll cover why ceramic toothbrush holders are a great choice for any bathroom and even dive into the top questions you need to ask yourself while searching for the perfect ceramic holder! 

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But Wait, First Things First—What Exactly are Ceramic Toothbrush Holders?

If you’re new to the toothbrush holder conversation, you might have read the heading of this article and thought, “what exactly is a ceramic toothbrush holder—and what makes them different from a regular toothbrush holder anyway?”

This section is just for you! 

A ceramic toothbrush holder is, well, exactly as it sounds—it’s a holder designed to organize, store, and keep your toothbrush out of harm’s (germs, that is) way. What makes it different from other types of toothbrush holders?

The ceramic part, of course! A ceramic toothbrush holder is made of—you guessed it—ceramic. 

Ceramic toothbrush holders have a lot of benefits. They can be easy to clean, look great in your bathroom, and even help keep your toothbrush more sanitary than other cleaners might. 

The Top 5 Questions to Ask About Your Potential Ceramic Toothbrush Holder 

Not all ceramic holders are created equally. When it comes time to buy your ceramic toothbrush holder, we suggest you carefully consider your toothbrush holder before you take the plunge. How do you do that, exactly?

By asking the right questions, of course.

We’ve laid out the top 5 questions you should be asking before you decide on which ceramic toothbrush holder might be right for you! Check them out here—and make sure you’re asking yourself these questions during your perusing process! 

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1- Is It Easy to Clean?

You know what they say—cleanliness is next to godliness. Okay, while that expression might not be all the way true,  we do believe that the first question you should ask about any toothbrush holder is how easy is it to clean? 

Why? Because toothbrush hygiene and sanitation are hugely important to your health—and all of that starts with the device you use to hold your toothbrush (not to mention the toothbrush itself!). See the connection? We thought you might.

Ceramic holders are pretty easy to clean, in our experience, but make sure the one you’re looking at lets you access all of the sections easily so you can do a thorough clean of your new holder. 

Not sure how to thoroughly clean your toothbrush holder? Don’t sweat it! We have a guide right here that offers you several different ways to get your holder as clean as possible! 

2- Is the Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Material Quality?

Next up after cleanliness is quality, and of course, that starts with the material. Think long and hard about the material your ceramic holder is made of and ask about its longevity, its durability, and its overall quality. 

Is your material sustainably sourced? Is it high-quality? Will the material your holder is made out of properly limit the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes? Will it absorb water fast and limit odor? These are all important questions to consider! 

3- Does it Have Enough Space for Multiple Brushes?

Space matters when it comes to toothbrush holders—even if you live alone! Aside from the obvious reason that you might want to put more than one brush in a single holder, there’s the issue of bulky electric brushes and toothbrush caps to think about. So, before you buy your ceramic holder, ask yourself, is there enough space in that stylish ceramic holder for multiple brushes? 

If the answer is no, think long and hard before your purchase! The last thing you want is a ceramic holder that looks great but can’t actually hold your brushes! 

Bathroom counter with mirror

4- Can the Ceramic Holder Free Up Bathroom Space?

There are plenty of ceramic holders out there that either come as wall mounted designs or can be transformed into wall mounted designs. Is either option a possibility with the ceramic holder you’re looking at purchasing? 

While not every person out there is looking to free up counter space or cabinet space, for those who are, a wall mounted ceramic toothbrush holder could be just the ticket. And don’t worry, wall mounted holders are totally safe (so long as you’re picking the right kind!). 

We’ve got a handy little wall mounted holder guide right here to help you dive into the world of wall mounted holders to help you decide if your ceramic holders should sit on the counter or snag a space on your wall. 

5- Does the Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Lend Itself to Your Bathroom’s Style? 

Let’s face it—aesthetics matter. While there are plenty of ceramic toothbrush holders out there, the real question here is does the one you’re looking at match your style? Look for a style that’s functional and fashionable—you don’t need to pick one or the other. 

If you have an ever-changing style, consider a ceramic holder that can change with you! There are plenty of DIY ideas out there that could apply to ceramic holders, you just need to know where to look for inspiration! 

Ceramic Toothbrush Holders: Our Final Thoughts 

 Buying the right toothbrush holder doesn’t have to be complicated—you just need to know where to start. And at Varuna, we’re more than glad to help you figure it all out! 

When it comes to toothbrush holders, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than a ceramic toothbrush holder, and—bias aside—you’d be hard-pressed to find a better ceramic toothbrush holder than Varuna’s! 

Made from sustainably sourced dolomite, our high-quality holder will absorb water in up to three seconds, stop mold, and even limit the growth of harmful bacteria, microbes, and beyond. And did we mention that it’s exceptionally stylish? 

Click here to learn more about or purchase Varuna’s modern toothbrush holder!

Have more thoughts to share on how to find the best ceramic toothbrush? Comment on our post below in our comment section!


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