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The 5 Best DIY Toothbrush Holder Ideas For Your Fashionable & Functional Bathroom

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

The bathroom. It’s that one, special place in your home where form and function can merge effortlessly with fashion and modern design—especially when it comes to how you organize your toiletries. 

The way you decorate, organize, and set-up your bathroom can have a powerful impact on its style, its design, and even its function. The best part? It doesn’t always take huge bathroom renovations to make large changes. Put down the hammer and the tile and don’t be afraid to think a little smaller, because honestly, in the end, sometimes it’s the smallest of details that can make the biggest of differences— 

And in our opinion, it just might be the smallest detail of all that can change your bathroom for the better—that’s right, we’re talking about your toothbrush holder.

Your toothbrush storage should be both practical and fabulous in order to fully complement your beautifully organized and designed bathroom. In other words, there’s no reason to simply stow away your toothbrush in a drawer somewhere, shoving it away. Instead, make your toothbrush storage powerful, impactful, esthetic, and of course, just as functional as ever.

Not exactly sure where to start when it comes to designing the ultimate DIY toothbrush holder? No worries—you’re in luck! This article is dedicated to providing you with the must-have DIY toothbrush holders 


Lady washing a clear glass cup in a sink

First Things First: Spring Cleaning Your Toothbrush Holders

Before you can make the ultimate DIY toothbrush holder, you need to take a single, simple step before you start your creative process to ensure all goes according to plan—clean your toothbrush holder

Like we said, the best DIY toothbrush holders are fashionable, but they’re also functional—and the most functional aspect your toothbrush holder can bring to the table is to ensure it’s keeping your toothbrush clean and disinfected. 

We suggest regularly disinfecting your toothbrushes and toothbrush holders. There are lots of ways to go about this, but we love to recommend mouthwash, using a dishwasher, trying out vinegar, or using boiling water! Check out our article here about how to clean your toothbrush holder before you start crafting cool DIY toothbrush holder projects.

The Top Toothbrush Holder Ideas For Your Unique Bathroom 

All right, now we can get to the good stuff—we know you’ve been waiting for it!—the creative DIY toothbrush holder ideas you’re bound to love! 

There’s no such thing as a single, perfect DIY toothbrush holder. In fact, the perfect toothbrush holder will look differently for everyone—it all depends on the style, feel, and theme of your unique bathroom. 

That’s why we’ve included tons of unique DIY toothbrush holder ideas just for you! We can bet you’ll find the perfect idea—or even just some inspiration to come up with something entirely different—right here! 

So, get to reading—your perfect DIY toothbrush holder idea awaits. 

Bottle Cap Toothbrush Holder 

We love this DIY trend because it’s simple to make, easy to use, and of course, looks way more modern and expensive than it actually is. Creating the Bottle Cap Toothbrush Holder is a fairly easy process. All you need to do is take plastic bottle caps from your favorite drinks (we recommend something large, like a sport’s drink cap—or larger), paint them whatever color you like with non-toxic paint (typically colors like white, black, and silver will fit best with a modern design, but you can pick any color you want), cut a little space for the toothbrush to slip into, and then use Velcro to attach them to the wall. 

Pros: A simple process, but really makes a big impact. Plus, it allows you to get as creative as you want with color and wall placement. We also love that using Velcro allows you to take these holders off the wall at your discretion to clean them (because cleaning your holders alongside your toothbrush is hugely important!). We love how this frees up your counter space and creates a more efficient bathroom design.

Cons: While we think this is a great option for modern bathrooms, we will point out that it’s possible for toothbrushes to fall out of these holders. And if they’re knocked out, they could fall to the ground, meaning you’d need to clean your toothbrush ASAP. 


Toothbrush holder with toothbrushes inside on bathroom counter

Modern & Minimalist Varuna Toothbrush Holder

Sleek, stylish, and modern, this handcrafted Varuna Premium Toothbrush Holder can take any bathroom to the next level. Made from sustainably sourced dolomite, this piece doesn’t just look amazing, it also keeps your toothbrush clean and sanitized. The piece will absorb water in three seconds and stop mold and limit the growth of harmful bacteria, microbes, and odors. 

Pros: This look provides you with a clean, modern aesthetic for your bathroom, so if that’s the style you’re looking for, this holder is perfect. Better than that though is its hygiene. This piece will keep your toothbrush organized as well as clean. It can fit in with the style of most aesthetics. 

Cons: The only possible downside of this holder is that it’s not bright, vibrant, or colorful. It all depends on your style! 

Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

Wacky and zany, this toothbrush holder idea is so easy to replicate. Keep an eye out for a large, plastic dinosaur (or any other animal, to be honest) and cut open spots for your toothbrushes to hang. Spoiler alert: though this craft looks kid-friendly, it’s definitely a process that should be monitored by parents. 

Pros: This idea is vibrant, fun, and perfect for kid bathrooms. Plus, it’s quite affordable given that you can find plastic dinosaurs at most dollar or discount stores. Because they’re hand-held and portable, they’re relatively easy to clean. 

Cons: Unfortunately, if counter space is your biggest concern, this idea won’t solve that. Additionally, it might be easy for children to knock over the plastic dinosaur if it’s weight is not properly distributed. 

Lego My Toothbrush Holder  

Who says Legos are just for kiddos? We love the idea of using Legos to create a fun toothbrush holder. The best part? You can create a Lego holder design in any way you want. But, if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this video.

Pros: it’s not just a fun-looking holder, it’s a fun activity—for kids and adults. Plus, it’s versatile and temporary, you can change it at any time. It’s also inexpensive! 

Cons: Legos can be tricky to clean and they’re also not everyone’s idea of a perfect solution. 

Efficient PVC Toothbrush Holder 

Quick, easy, and super-efficient, the PVC pipe holder is a great, inexpensive way to organize your toothbrush. All it takes is an inch or two of PVC pipes and end caps, which are easily sourced from your local hardware store. Add in unique touches, paint them (with non-toxic paint), add stickers, decals, and more! The options are infinite. 

Pros: This is a super versatile look that keeps your toothbrushes off the counters while making a stylish statement. It’s an inexpensive project that takes no time at all and can be easily customized to fit any style! 

Cons: Though you’d likely attach them to your walls or cabinets with Velcro, properly cleaning out the end caps could be tricky! Additionally, PVC pipe provides a modern, industrial look, but isn’t always the perfect choice for a sophisticated style. 

Nautical Rope Toothbrush Holder 

Ahoy, matey! This rope holder brings the fun of a nautical experience right to your bathroom. All you need is a hot glue gun, a glass vase, a spool of rope, and a vision! 

Pros: This inexpensive project is versatile, easy, and quick! It’s also a great option for bathrooms that are looking to bring a little nautical theming into their bathrooms. 

Cons: Cleaning rope isn’t an easy process, so this can be hard to sanitize. It also won’t clear up counter space, so if you’re looking for a wall-mount to help organize your bathroom better, this might not be a great option for you. 

The Perfect DIY Toothbrush Holder Ideas Start With the Best Holder Around—Varuna

It goes without saying that the best DIY toothbrush holder ideas all start with the same thing—an awesome holder! At Varuna, we believe that a toothbrush holder is more than just a space to keep your toothbrush out of the way, it’s a safe, clean space that can be transformed into something totally unique to you! 

So, before you get to crafting the toothbrush holder that speaks to your identity, your sense of fashion, or your bathroom’s design, start here by buying your very own Varuna toothbrush holder. These bad boys will help to naturally absorb water, eliminate mold, keep your bathroom clean, and most importantly, provide you with the perfect blank canvas for your own DIY toothbrush holder ideas! 


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