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How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder: 4 Most Common Methods

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

If you’ve ever visited a dentist, you may have had them advise you to regularly disinfect and clean your toothbrush. Plus, you might already know how important it is to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. But, what about the toothbrush holder?

According to the NSF study, a toothbrush holder was the 3rd most germ-infested item in any household. And that’s exactly why it’s really vital to know how to clean toothbrush holders regularly.

The question is, “How?”

“How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder The Right Way?”

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most common methods to clean both an electric toothbrush holder and a regular one. Well, then! Let’s dive in.

Most Common Methods To Clean A Toothbrush Holder

Listed below are the methods we will be taking a look at:

  • Method 1: Using Mouthwash
  • Method 2: Putting Your Toothbrush Holder In A Dishwasher
  • Method 3: Using Vinegar
  • Method 4: Putting It In Boiling Water

Let’s begin with our first one.

Method 1: How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder By Hand

Take a look at the following steps to learn how to keep toothbrush holder clean using hand wash:

1. Soak Your Holder In The Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the most effective options that will help you clean your toothbrush holder effectively. All you need to do is to pour nearly 1-2 cups of a mouthwash inside a bowl.

Now, you need to soak your toothbrush holder in the bowl for a minute or two. You need to ensure that it’s completely immersed in the mouthwash.

Another alternative is to pour the mouthwash inside your toothbrush holder.

2. Scrub The Holder

Once you take it out, it’s time to scrub the inside using a fine brush or a pipe cleaner. Don’t forget to scrub the sides, corners, and the outside as well.

If you don’t have a pipe cleaner or toothbrush, you can use a straw cleaner as well.

3. Rinse It Out

Done with scrubbing? It’s time to rinse it out.

Rinse your toothbrush holder in running water. Shake the toothbrush holder a few times in order to remove any residual mouthwash or left-over gunk.

I’d advise you to use warm or hot water in order to rinse it out.

4. Leave It Overnight

Once you have rinsed it out, you can use a towel for drying the electric toothbrush holder. Leaving your toothbrush holder wet is not how to clean a toothbrush holder. Instead, leave it to dry overnight.

Hand loading cup into dish washer

Method 2: How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder By Putting It In A Dishwasher

1. Rinse Your  Holder

Prior to putting your toothbrush holder inside the dishwasher, you should rinse it with running water. 

2. Shake it a few times.

This will help you deal with the left-over gunk in the holder. If you’re interested in a toothbrush holder that naturally absorbs water you can learn more about one here. Shaking it will also make it even easier for the dishwasher to clean your toothbrush holder effectively.


3. Put It In Your Dishwasher

Place it on the rack. Run your toothbrush holder along with other plates on a normal or gentle cycle.

This will help remove any residue or gunk.

Before placing it in a dishwasher, you need to make sure that your toothbrush holder is dishwasher-safe. You’ll find most metal or ceramic ones to be durable enough.

Clean It Every Week

As we now know, toothbrush holders are the 3rd most infectious items in just about any household. Hence, in order to keep it away from gunk, bacterial and germs, you should clean your toothbrush holder every 2 weeks. 


Bottle of vinegar being poured into clear bowl

Method 3: How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder Using Vinegar

Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to keep toothbrush holder clean using vinegar:

1. Put It In A White Vinegar Solution

One of the other effective options is to use a mixture of water and white vinegar to clean your toothbrush holder. This will work for both an electric toothbrush holder and a regular one.

2. Combine one part water with one part white vinegar.

Pour the mixture in a bowl and simply put your holder in it for a minute or two. Similar to the mouthwash method for cleaning your toothbrush holder, you can pour the white vinegar solution directly inside your toothbrush holder. 

3. Scrub The Electric Toothbrush Holder

Like the mouthwash method, you should scrub the toothbrush holder using a pipe cleaner or a fine brush.

4. Rinse The Holder

Once you have scrubbed it, it’s time to rinse the holder. Rinse it with running water, which will help you eliminate the remaining gunk as well as vinegar. 

5. Leave It Overnight

After cleaning the holder with a towel, you should leave it out to dry overnight.

Water boiling in copper pan

Method 4: How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder By Putting It In Boiling Water?

Listed below are the steps that you need to follow in order to learn how to keep your holder clean by putting it in boiling water. 

1. Boil Water

As we know, the boiling temperature of the water is 100-degree Celsius. Once your water reaches boiling temperature, put in your toothbrush holder. If you have an electric toothbrush holder please do not use this method.

Boiling water will kill off most of the germs. Remove your toothbrush holder after a period of 4-5 minutes. However, you need to be extremely careful and not get your hand burned.

2. Remove Your Holder

Before touching the toothbrush holder, you need to make sure that it’s not too hot.

3. Leave It To Dry

As we did in the previous steps, it’s time you left your toothbrush holder to dry overnight.


Most people scrub sinks & counters on a regular basis. However, they forget to clean the smaller things such as electric toothbrush holders.

Regular washing as well as disinfecting your toothbrush holder will eliminate the germs and keep everyone healthy. Alongside this, it will even help remove watermarks and other stains.

As important as it is to clean your holder, what’s more, important is choosing the right one. Click here to purchase our toothbrush holder that naturally absorbs water to eliminate mold and help your bathroom to be clean.  


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