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Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder - Ultimate Guide

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

These days we’re all looking for the newest and hottest bathroom products to give our bathroom the edge. We all know that having the right products in our bathroom can help take our bathroom from average to incredible. Having the right toothbrush holder can do just that. 

One of the most popular bathroom products coming on the market is the mason jar holder. It’s recently gained in popularity, racking up thousands of reviews on e-commerce stores. 

Toothbrush in mason jar lying down next to rope

What is a Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder?

A mason jar holder is a mason jar that has been modified to hold toothbrushes. Some are designed and manufactured to be toothbrush holders and others are DIY holder projects. 

When it comes to mason jars and mason jar holders, the one key difference is in the lid. The lid of a regular mason jar is airtight, whereas the lid of a mason jar holder has slots that a toothbrush can rest in. 

Where did Mason Jar Toothbrush Holders come from?

Mason jars are named after J.L. Mason who invented them in 1858. Originally thought of as a way to store perishable food, mason jars began to grow in popularity for their wide range of uses. 

Starting in the ’50s and ’60s, mason jars became a DIY project for many being used as plant vases, candle holders, and even soap containers. Later on, they were adopted as holders. Current mason jars are used for a number of different types of products.

Benefits of Mason Jar Toothbrush Holders 

Mason jar holders offer a number of benefits::

  • Mason jars can hold multiple toothbrushes 
  • They can be made on the cheap using DIY solutions 
  • They’ll make your bathroom come across as unique 
  • Mason Jar holders are easy to clean
  • Unlike other toothbrush holders, mason jars don’t easily tip

What makes a Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder different?

When it comes to toothbrush holders there’s a lot of competition on the market. However, because there is so much competition, consumers are often led by price. This can be a bad decision. 

For example, if a holder is made of cheap metals it can lead to rust.  When it comes to toothbrush holders, the material is king. 

Toothbrush Holder Material:

With mason jar holders the primary material is glass. Glass is a good material for holders because it makes it easy to clean and water doesn’t absorb into the product.

Here at Varuna, we use a special type of diatomite to help stop the spread of bacteria on your toothbrush holder. 

Mason Jar Holders Are Open Air?

Holder airflow will help deter germs, mold, and other harmful bacteria from growing. With toothbrush holders, we want to make sure there is adequate ventilation. With most mason jar toothbrush holders this comes built-in with the large opening in the lid. This helps and is ideal for airflow. 

Wood letters spelling out DIY

How to Make a Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

If you’re looking for a DIY project, building a mason jar toothbrush holder can be a simple and easy task with a nice reward. So how do you make your own mason jar toothbrush holder?

Things you’ll need:

  • Mason Jar - to hold the brushes
  • Chicken Wire - to keep the brushes in place
  • Scissors - to cut the chicken wire

Step 1: Pop The Mason Jar Center Lid

To make a mason jar toothbrush holder and lid, start by taking the lid off the mason jar. Once the lid is off, you’ll want to pop out the center. Once the center is out, place it to the side or toss it out as we won’t be using it. 

Step 2: Get You Chicken Wire

Now that we have the lid done, it’s time to build what will hold our toothbrushes in place. Place the chicken wire on top of the mason jar where the ribbits meet. You’ll then want to cut around the chicken wire until it matches up with the top of the mason jar.

Step 3: Screw The Lid Back On The Mason Jar 

With the chicken wire still in place on top of the mason jar, we now want to screw the lid back on. Place the lid on top and screw it down tightly to keep the chicken wire in place.

Go ahead and check out our full list of the best DIY toothbrush holders here.

6 clear mason jars with lids standing on white background

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holders Sanitation

Keeping your toothbrush sanitary and clean is important. Toothbrushes contain a lot of bacteria we want to stay away from. Mason jar holders offer adequate sanitization over traditional ceramic toothbrush holders

This is because of the amount of airflow they provide. Assuming you don’t have more than 5 toothbrush holders per mason jar, your toothbrush holder should be able to have ample airflow. 

A problem can come up however if your mason jars lid has only holes for a toothbrush without airflow. If this is the case, consider another lid for your mason jar or work to add holes to the lid. Adding holes to the lid will help increase airflow and reduce the spread of bacteria and mold.

Cleaning A Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Cleaning a mason jar holder is fairly simple. Since the product is glass, we recommend tossing it in the dishwasher like any other dish and letting it run. If the jar is particularly dirty, feel free to wipe it down beforehand. For extra caution with cleaning, feel free to bring out an alcohol base with 70% or more alcohol to clean the jar.

Click here for more options on how to clean toothbrush holders properly. 

Want more?

Purchasing the perfect holder can be daunting. You need to make sure the holder is made with the right materials that won’t collect mold or leave still water. But you also need to have something that looks stylish. If you’re interested in a holder that already has hours of research behind it, check out our hand-made toothbrush holder here at Varuna.


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