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Shower Toothbrush Holder - Here’s What People Are Saying

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

We all want to save more time in our day and be more efficient. By combining things like workouts and home, or reservations online, we can do just that. Recently, a big way people have begun to save time is by combining their shower habits with their hygiene habits via a toothbrush holder. 

Toothbrush holder with toothbrushes and soap

A shower toothbrush holder combines our shower routine with brushing our teeth to make things fast, simple, and efficient. In some cases, they can even be more sanitary. 

Let's take a look at what makes a good shower toothbrush holder and what to avoid.

What Are Toothbrush Holders For Shower?

Shower toothbrush holders as the name implies hold our toothbrush in the shower. Commonly, they use suction or adhesive to stick to the wall of our shower with a hole for drainage. This allows the water from the shower and toothbrush to clearly drain and saves us space. 

Toothbrush shower holders provide our brush with a way to stay out of the way of soap or other liquids we don’t want to be in contact with. The purpose of a toothbrush shower holder is to hold and protect our toothbrush while we shower. 

But how many people actually use toothbrush shower holders?

Analysis written on chalk with circle and hand

Shower Toothbrush Holders Popularity

If you’re looking for the right holder it would make sense to look for something that is tried and true. While not as popular as the electric holder, the shower toothbrush holder holds its own when paired against the other popular holders. 

We wanted to know exactly what the difference in popularity was though. We started by taking the top searched terms with the keyword “toothbrush holder” from  Ahrefs. What we found was that there were 5 main types of holders people were interested in - listed below.  

From there, we knew which types were the most popular, but not how much the difference was. To do this we took the top 5 we found and plugged them into Google Trends - an application that measures just how popular a term is for a given period. 

We found that shower toothbrush holders were the second most popular type of holder on the market. The only toothbrush shower holder that was more popular was for electric toothbrushes.

Most popular toothbrush holders ordered:

  1. Electric toothbrush holder
  2. Shower toothbrush holder & wall mounted toothbrush holder
  3. Ceramic toothbrush holder
  4. Suction toothbrush holder

Graphic of the most popular toothbrush holders according to google trend search volume

Source Google Trends Data 2020.

How Are Shower Toothbrush Holders Different?

Shower toothbrush holders have 2 key differences from a regular ceramic holder or wall-mounted holder.

  1. Placement: Shower toothbrush holders differ because of their placement in the shower. While typical holders are placed on the countertop, shower holders are placed in the shower typically attached to the wall or on a counter. 
  1. Materials: Shower holders are typically plastics or non-breakable materials. This is because there is always the possibility of the holder falling into the shower. These types of holders are typically also mold resistant. 

Two toothbrushes in clear toothbrush holder with plant in background

Is A Toothbrush Shower Holder Safe?

When it comes to bathrooms, sanitation and safety is important. There are several things that have to be in place for a toothbrush holder in our shower to be safe.

Mold resistance: When our holder is in the shower, water and moisture is going to be on it. With moisture, mold will have a higher chance of growing. To prevent mold, we want to make sure our holder states that it is mold resistant. 

The toothbrush shower holder should use a plastic or mold-resistant material. The holder should also provide ample air-flow to our toothbrush with good drainage so there isn’t still water accumulating. 

Ease To Clean: Regardless of how good the airflow and mold resistance is, we’ll need to clean our holder. To view a full guide on how to clean a toothbrush holder click the link. We want to check to make sure the material is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Rust Resistance: In eCommerce, there are a lot of metal toothbrush holders. Metal toothbrush holders can pose a lot of problems though. These metals are often cheap and rust-prone. While rust is typically not associated with health concerns it can cause other problems

Installation: The installation of our holder decides if it will stay on or fall off our wall. If you’re on the market, you’ll want to make sure our holder has good reviews associated with its ability to stay attached. If the holder's suction cups don’t appear to be large enough, look for another holder. 
Yellow toothbrush holder soap and bowl  on glass shelf

Types Of Toothbrush Holders For Your Shower 

Open-air holder: This is the most common type of holder. With open-air holders the toothbrush rests in the holder with the bristles exposed. The downside of open-air holders is that they expose our toothbrush to soap and other liquids while the shower runs. 

Closed-air holder: Closed air holders seal flush around our toothbrush’s head. The seal helps keep the holder in place and protects it from other liquids. The downside of closed-air holders is that they have to be cleaned often. 

Stationary holder: Stationary holders provide the least amount of protection and can often fill with water. If you’re in the market for a stationary holder look for one that absorbs water and has proper drainage. The benefit of stationary holders is that they’re easy to clean.

Benefits Of A Shower Toothbrush Holder

Sanitation: Shower toothbrush holders provide more protection than a naked toothbrush on the counter. They give our toothbrush a place to stay that isn’t on the tub walls. 

Space savings as a shower caddy with toothbrush holder: Another benefit of shower toothbrush holders is their space savings. A normal toothbrush holder will take up much more space than a cady or wall mounted holder leaving you with more room for our other items. 

Time: Using a toothbrush in the shower can be a huge time saver. And having a holder that functions as a shower toothbrush and toothpaste holder to hold all our dental items together will make it fast and easy to brush our teeth.
Two toothbrushes in holder with question mark

Should you use a shower toothbrush holder?

Figuring out if a toothbrush holder for our shower is for you will come down to your situation. If you’re looking to save time and get things done more efficiently, a shower toothbrush holder is a great option. 

However, if you’re looking for max sanitation and cleaning efficiency, we recommend using a regular toothbrush holder on our bathroom counter.

Want A Safe Shower Toothbrush Holder?

Shower toothbrush holders can make us more efficient! They provide a quick and easy way to combine routine tasks and save time. But choosing the right one can take time and research. 

If you choose a metal one, it might rust. If you chose another, it might hold water. Here at Varuna, we offer a shower toothbrush holder that will keep your shower both stylish and functional. That way, you can get back to doing the things you love.


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