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The Top 5 Benefits of a Suction Toothbrush Holders

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

Let’s face it—there are a ton of toothbrush holders out there on the market. Just looking through your options—not to mention all the DIY options that exist—can feel a little overwhelming. 

You’re probably scrolling through the web, reading reviews on holders, and wondering things like, which toothbrush holder is the perfect toothbrush holder? Or even: which toothbrush holder is possibly right for my bathroom? 

While we can’t sit here and definitively say that there’s one type of toothbrush holder out there that rules them all, we do think there are some that offer unique benefits that we simply can’t sit by and ignore. 

Which type are we talking about specifically, you ask? 

Suction Toothbrush Holders! 

Today, we’re diving into suction toothbrush holders to give you a better idea of what these bad boys are, how they can improve your bathroom (and your life), and even explore the top 5 benefits behind them. 

Are you ready to dive toothbrush first into some toothbrush holder content? We thought you might be! Start reading and get ready to change your toothbrush game altogether! 

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What’s a Suction Toothbrush Holder, Anyway? 

We’ll keep this section brief because, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. 

You know what a toothbrush holder is, right? In short, it’s a device that stores and organizes your toothbrush (or toothbrushes) in order to keep them out of the way, clean, and tidy! 

Well, a suction toothbrush holder is essentially the same thing, except it’s a holder that’s mounted the wall using a suction cup! See what we mean? Pretty self-explanatory, right? 

The Must-Know Benefits of a Suction Toothbrush Holder: Our Top 5 Reasons Suction Toothbrush Holders are Awesome 

We won’t lie to you—there are way more than just 5 benefits behind suction toothbrush holders. But, for brevity’s sake, we thought we’d give you the top 5 that we believe are the most important benefits of these types of toothbrush holders. 

Check ‘em out below!

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1. Suction Holders are Easy to Clean 

Sanitation is so important, so it’s no wonder this reason clocks in as our number one benefit. 

Unlike other types of wall mounted toothbrush holders, suction holders are pretty easy to clean! You don't need to worry about permanent fixtures that keep some parts of your holder stuck to the wall. With a suction holder, you can remove every last piece from its place on the wall so you can thoroughly clean your brush. 

Not sure how to really tackle toothbrush or toothbrush holder sanitation? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got an entire article right here that walks you through all kinds of steps for properly cleaning your brushes and holders. 

With a suction toothbrush holder, you’ll be able to easily remove your toothbrushes (and the entire holder itself) from the wall to give it a good clean as often as needed! 

2. Suction Toothbrush Holders Provide Tons of DIY Opportunities 

Suction holders are exceptionally neat because of the keyword in its title—suction. It's as easy as ever to slap on a few suction cups to the back of any old holder so you can reap all the benefits of a suction cup! Whether you want to buy a pre-made suction toothbrush holder, totally DIY your own suction holder, or slap a suction cup onto the back of a unique, pre-made toothbrush holder, your options are pretty much endless. 

Suction holders provide you with lots of diversity, tons of variety, and plenty of opportunities to get creative—all while giving you plenty of other benefits, too. 

3. Suction Holders Keep Your Toothbrush Out of the Way 

This benefit is actually two-fold. Here’s why.

When you suction your holder to the wall, you’re taking your toothbrush out of harm’s germy way—you don’t have to deal with counter germs, dust, or particles, and you certainly don’t have to worry about the germs that store up in your bathroom cabinet. But more than that, you’re also opening up your counter and cabinet—there’s extra space for all your other toiletries. 

Wall mounted toothbrush holder in chrome

4. Suction Holders Easily Adhere to Your Wall 

This is probably the easiest DIY project of all—especially because you’re using suction to adhere your holder to the wall and not complicated, permanent tools like glue, nails, bolts, or permanent adhesives. By using a suction cup, you’re opening the door for all kinds of benefits of having extra space without having to deal with the permanent repercussion of some other types of wall mounted holders. 

5. Suction Toothbrush Holders Can Save Counter & Cabinet Space 

Just like other types of wall mounted holders, suction toothbrush holders can save you a ton of countertop and cabinet space. We probably don’t all have huge, spacious bathrooms (even though most of us wish we did), so space is super important. If your toothbrush holder is suctioned to the wall (or even to the inside of your cabinets’ walls), you’re able to save valuable countertop space in no time at all. 

Because your holders are totally out of the way, you gift yourself plenty of space for your other bathroom items and toiletries. 

Suction Toothbrush Holders: Our Final Thoughts 

See what we mean? When it comes to suction toothbrush holders, there are so many benefits that you simply can’t ignore. From being easy to clean to keep your brushes out of the way to providing you with tons of creative freedom, suction holders are a next-level way to take your toothbrush game to an entirely new level.

That being said, the suction strategy you use is only going to be as good as the actual holder you’re adhering to your wall—that means it needs to be sanitary, hygienic, easy to clean, fashionable, and of course, add a little extra flavor to your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

The solution? Varuna’s cutting-edge, top of the line, toothbrush holder!

Our toothbrush holders have a wide opening so you can keep multiple toothbrushes in the same space (yep, even those bulky electric ones!), providing you with a one-stop-shop solution for multiple toothbrush needs!

More importantly, though, Varuna’s holders are made with long-lasting and durable natural materials that will absorb water in up to three seconds, stop mold, and limit the growth of harmful bacteria (and other gross microbes). Interested? We thought you might be—check out Varuna’s toothbrush holder right here to purchase


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