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Toothbrush Holder for Travel & What You Need To Know

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

We all love to travel but how do we keep our toothbrushes from getting dirty? Or worse, getting our other stuff dirty?

Sometimes even at home it can be a chore to keep your toothbrush clean away from germs. Sink countertops can more often than not be messy and dirty and certainly not something we should be putting in our mouths. 

The average bathroom countertop has about 475 germs per square inch. That’s a lot of germs! And we don’t want to be putting those in our mouths! Toothbrush holders offer us protection from bacteria, germs, and chemicals getting on our toothbrushes and into our mouths. 

But what exactly makes a good holder when you’re traveling?

Blue travel toothbrush holder in head case

Considerations to find the best travel toothbrush holder

1. Will the toothbrush fit in the holder? 

You’ll want to make sure your toothbrush will fit in the toothbrush holder you choose before you make a purchase. Start by examining the type of toothbrush you have. Is it large, small, electric? 

There are some holders that provide support for most types of toothbrushes. These holders can be bad because they do not snugly fit onto your toothbrush. We recommend finding one that fits the design of your toothbrush. For an electric toothbrush, for example, you’ll want an electric toothbrush travel holder.

2. What are the antibacterial properties?

Different types of toothbrush holders will provide different levels of antibacterial relief. Head Cover holders for travel might only cover the head of the toothbrush, whereas full body holders will cover your full toothbrush. 

Make sure to choose the best toothbrush holder type for your particular need. If you’re only traveling for one day, a head-based toothbrush holder might just do the trick. They can also be a lot cheaper! On the other hand, if you’re traveling for a long period of time a more extensive toothbrush holder might be necessary.

3. Is the travel toothbrush holder mold resistant?

Toothbrush holders will often start to grow mold or mildew at their base. Choose a toothbrush holder that specifies it’s mold resistance. These holders are typically made of plastics. There are other options like ceramics and mold resistant woods, but we recommend staying away from them. 

When looking for a toothbrush holder for travel, try to stay away from anything that absorbs moisture. Consider using a nice plastic travel toothbrush holder that can be quickly cleaned following your trip. 

Blue travel toothbrush holder with toothpaste and ear plugs

4. Does the holder stay closed during travel?

Lower quality materials often have cheap latches that can come open during travel. Just like most things, with travel toothbrush holders you get what you pay for. 

Make sure to check the reviews of the toothbrush holder before purchasing it. If the holder has had previous issues of not opening, it will likely show in the reviews. 

5. Is the material quality?

The last thing you want to experience is your toothbrush holder breaking during the middle of travel. To prevent this, you’ll want to look at two things. First, is the holder made for travel? If not, continue looking. 

Ceramics and other holders and better meant for the home. Second, you’ll want to make sure that the material is a hard plastic to ensure the holder will last.

What are the different types of travel toothbrush holders?

Head Covers: These types of toothbrush holders cover only the head of your toothbrush. They have a core drawback because they leave the stem of the brush exposed. And to make matters worse, the headcover holders often don’t provide airflow that can lead to the growth of bacteria. 

Pink toothbrush in pink travel toothbrush case

Toothbrush Cases: A travel toothbrush holder case will cover the full body of the toothbrush providing maximum protection. When traveling, we recommend using this type of holder.

Case and carrying bag combo: Carrying cases designed with your toothbrush holder in mind can be a great option. They carve out a specialized location for your toothbrush holder making sure your holder doesn’t fall. 

Should you invest in a toothbrush holder for travel?

The answer is, it depends. Studies show that toothbrush holders are the 3rd most germ-infested item in the household. If your toothbrush holder isn’t cleaned properly and on a regular basis then it will lead to more harm than good. For travel however, we do recommend using a toothbrush holder to protect your personal items and toothbrush.

You’ve purchased a travel holder, now what?

Your toothbrush holder for travel has arrived. Now what? 

The first thing you’ll want to do is inspect it. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any breaks or mess-ups in the workmanship. This will help you down the line when you start to use it. Many companies outsource their development of holders so we want to make sure we do this first.

Next, you’ll want to clean it. Oftentimes toothbrush holders come fresh out of the factory and can contain harmful chemicals if ingested. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your toothbrush holder before use.

Toothbrush in orange suitcase with clothes

Things to keep in mind before traveling with your toothbrush

Before traveling with your toothbrush we recommend leaving it in a well-ventilated area to dry overnight. This will help remove the remaining moisture so you’re all ready to go in the morning. You’ll want to dry out any moisture because a wet toothbrush can lead to mold or worse leakage into your bag. 

Next, make sure to bring an extra toothbrush. Oftentimes things that you wouldn’t expect to come up and can cause us to lose our toothbrush. 

Want to learn how to clean a travel toothbrush holder after travel?

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of steps that go into choosing the perfect toothbrush holder for travel. Once you’ve selected the perfect holder, maintenance can end up being just as important as the selection. 

Keeping your holder clean and well maintained can prevent deterioration and stop the growth of mold. If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out our article on how to clean your toothbrush holder.


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