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The Complete Guide To Toothpaste Holders

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

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If you’ve spent some time searching for ways to improve your bathroom you’ve likely come across a toothpaste holder. Toothpaste holders offer a quick and easy way to organize your bathroom products. But did you know they can also help eliminate some of that pesky toothpaste that ends up on your countertop?

Without our knowledge, toothpaste can leak out of toothpaste tubes and onto our counters. This toothpaste can be a pain to clean up and over time can even become breeding grounds for bacteria. With the right toothpaste holders you can stop toothpaste from leaking onto your counters and even stop it from getting there if it leaks. This is because toothpaste tube holders act as a barrier between your counter and your toothpaste tube. 

With the wrong toothpaste holder however, you can end up creating a mess with toothpaste on the counter. Done right, toothpaste holders offer you a unique way to hold toothpaste and be more sanitary.

In this guide we’ll be going over the different types of toothpaste tube holders and walking you step-by-step through choosing the right one for your bathroom. 

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What Are Toothpaste Tube Holders?

A toothpaste holder is a stand that holds your toothpaste in place. Similar to a toothbrush holder, toothpaste holders can be either electric where they’ll dispense your toothpaste or sedentary where they will hold your toothpaste in between uses. 

The primary purpose behind a toothpaste holder is to provide sanitation and style to your bathroom. Without a toothpaste holder, toothpaste can get on your countertops and aid in the spread of bacteria and germs. With a toothbrush holder though, you can protect your countertops and prevent bacteria from spreading. 

The terms toothpaste holder and toothpaste dispenser can be used interchangeably. The difference between toothpaste holders and toothpaste dispensers however, is that a toothpaste holder doesn’t aid in the application of toothpaste onto your brush. 

What Are The Different Types Of Toothpaste Holders?

There are three types of toothpaste holders that exist. Each toothpaste holder has it’s benefits and drawbacks. The most common type of toothpaste holder is the toothpaste stand. 

Roll up toothpaste holders: 

A roll up toothpaste holder is a holder that wraps the end of the toothpaste tube around a roll bar. As the tube is wrapped it pushes the toothpaste towards the outing effectively extracting it from the tube. The consistent pressure from the roll bar on the tube keeps the tube in place. 

Rollup holders are the best type of holders if you’re looking for a dispenser. This is because they are harder to break and are manually controlled. We recommend this type of holder for anyone looking for a toothpaste dispenser. 

Electric toothpaste dispensers:

Electric toothpaste dispensers are toothpaste holders that are attached to the wall and automatically dispense toothpaste. Typically they are applied through an adhesive like any other wall mounted toothbrush and toothpaste holder. Once the holder is on the wall, toothpaste is placed top down into the holder and air is relieved. 

You can then place your toothbrush under the holder and toothpaste will automatically come out. The benefit of electric toothpaste dispensers is that they can help prevent the spread of germs. This is because they stop human-to-human contact with the toothpaste tube.

The downside to electric toothpaste is that they are often faulty. A quick search for them online will bring up dozens of reviews of them breaking or having issues or delays. This can lead to messy sinks with toothpaste on them.

Toothpaste stand & holder:

A toothpaste stand and holder is the most traditional type of toothpaste holder. The goal of a stand is to give the toothpaste a place to stay when it is not in use. The terms toothbrush and toothpaste holder for stands can be used interchangeably. They help prevent toothpaste from leaking out onto your sink and help your bathroom stay looking its best. 

Toothbrush stands however don’t dispense toothpaste meaning you’ll have to do it manually. This can cause issues if you have many people in your household touching the same tube and aid in the spread of germs. 

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How Do Toothpaste Holders Work 

How rollup toothpaste holders work:

Roll up holders work as dispensers by wrapping your toothpaste tube around a roller. As the toothpaste tube rolls and gets tighter the toothpaste is forced to move out. 

How stands Work:

Toothbrush stands work by holding your toothpaste in place. Typically they are vertical and work to keep the toothpaste tube vertical. A stand works by acting as a barrier between your toothpaste tube and the counter. This helps prevent toothpaste leakage and gives you a sanitary place to store your toothpaste.

How toothpaste dispensers work:

Toothpaste dispensers work via a sensor placed near their opening. When a toothbrush or object is detected near their opening they send a signal to start putting pressure on the toothpaste tube. This pressure on the toothpaste tube allows toothpaste to flow out onto your brush. Sometimes toothpaste dispensers have delays though that can cause issues. 

What makes a quality toothpaste holder?

Materials: The materials of a toothpaste holder are the most important thing to look for. When looking for the perfect holder, try to make sure it’s not made of metal or cheap material. If it’s a metal your toothbrush and toothpaste holder can end up rusting leading you to need to buy a new one. The best and most sanitary holders are made of durable plastics that will last. 

Design: As we now know, toothpaste dispensers and wall mounted toothpaste and toothbrush holders can run into a lot of issues. If the design is off on your toothpaste dispenser it can lead to a delay causing the toothpaste to go onto your sink instead of your toothbrush head. Another key issue is that there isn’t a one size fits all for toothpaste tubes. If your toothpaste tube is too large the dispenser will effectively no longer work. 

When looking for the design, you want to make sure that it is simple. Learning how to use a toothpaste holder that’s complex is something we want to avoid. The simpler the design the less room for error it will give us. 

How To Use A Rollup Toothpaste Holder

Learning how to use a roll up toothpaste holder can be simple and easy. Here's what to do: 

1. Place your toothpaste into to stand 

    Put the end portion of your toothpaste tube into the toothpaste stand and make sure that it is firm and even. Open the toothpaste tube to allow for airflow.

    2. Roll until tight

      Making sure that toothpaste isn’t coming out, begin to roll the toothpaste tube into the roller. Make sure that the tube is just tight enough to be solid but not tight enough that the tube will burst.

      3. Repeat the process

        As you use your toothpaste, roll the holder tighter and tighter until you are out of toothpaste. 

        Toothpaste holder holding toothbrushes next to toothpaste tube

        When to buy a toothpaste holder

        If you’re looking to eliminate waste

        Purchasing a toothbrush holder is a great decision if you’re looking to make things easier on yourself and eliminate waste. A toothpaste holder can help you make sure that you’ve gotten every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube before you toss it. They can also help you eliminate time by having toothpaste already at the end of the tube before you start brushing your teeth.

        If you’re looking for better sanitization

        Toothpaste holders can help you keep your bathroom counter clean and eliminate toothpaste spills. Too often toothpaste seeps out of a toothbrush tube and onto the counter creating a mess that has to be cleaned up later. A toothpaste mess if left untreated can lead to bacteria growth on your sink. This can all be eliminated with the use of a toothpaste holder.

        When you want better organization

        Bathroom counters are notorious for being messy and having too many things in too many places. Toothbrush holders can help simplify your bathroom counter by giving you a simple and easy spot to hold your toothpaste. 

        Final thoughts on toothpaste holders

        As we’ve seen, toothpaste holders offer a great way to store your toothpaste in the bathroom. Oftentimes in our bathroom we leave the toothpaste on our counters where it can lead and create bacteria growth. A toothpaste holder can help prevent this. If done right they can even help you to save money and eliminate waste! 

        If you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to get a toothbrush holder to complement your toothpaste holder, check out our DIY guide to toothbrush holders here. You’ll learn about the best ways to build your own holder and save money while you do it. 


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