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Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders—Are They a Safe Option?

by Neil Emmett on 0 Comments

The Pros, Cons, and More of Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders 

When it comes to your toothbrush, it’s vital that you’re storing it properly. In other words, sometimes it’s less about the toothbrush you’re using and more about the way you’re taking care of it. Don’t get us wrong, the quality of your toothbrush matters, but if you’re storing your top-of-the-line brush in a sub-par holder, you’re sort of defeating the purpose, right?

That’s where the conversation about toothbrush holders comes into play—specifically, the conversation about wall mounted toothbrush holders versus traditional types of holders (you know, the kind that sits on the countertop or in your cabinet).

So, is one type of toothbrush holder better than the other? Is a wall mounted toothbrush holder safer or more sanitary than a traditional type of holder? We’re diving into the details of mounted holders, sanitary concerns, and of course, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about wall mounted holders, too!  

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What is a Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder? 

We all know what a toothbrush holder is, right? A device that houses our brush, keeps it safe, sanitary, and away from everything else in the bathroom. So, a wall mounted holder should be pretty self-explanatory. 

A wall mounted toothbrush holder is a holder designed to mount to your wall—by Velcro, by screws, by nails, by adhesive, etc.—to store your toothbrush in a container attached to the wall in order to free up space in your cabinets, on your countertops, and in your bathroom in general.

Wall mounted toothbrush holders come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even plenty of DIY options out there, too—the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

Sounds pretty neat, right? We agree. But just because the wall mounted toothbrush holder is a cool concept, does that mean it’s the safest choice for the sanitization of your toothbrush? Let’s find out and dive into some of the pros and cons of this type of holder.

Pros and Cons: The Good and The Bad About Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders

Just like anything else in life, wall mounted toothbrush holders have pros and cons—there’s good and bad to everything, right? Right.

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect toothbrush holder—just because a wall mounted holder might be perfect for you doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. So, keep that in mind while you’re reading through the pros and cons of wall mounted holders. 

Let’s explore those now to see if this type of holder is ideal for you! 

The Positive Side: The Pros of Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders

There are plenty of positives when it comes to wall mounted toothbrush holders. Like we said, the overall effect of a wall mounted toothbrush holder is going to depend on your bathroom and the design goals you’re trying to accomplish. Still, we think these positive points apply to most bathrooms in general:

  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders save space. You won’t have to deal with your toothbrush taking up your precious counter space or your cabinet space. Because they mount to the wall, they’re leaving all of that room for other bathroom items.
  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders are out of the way. Because your toothbrushes aren’t on the counter or in the cabinet, you won’t have to deal with excess germs, dust, and grime that come with keeping your brushes in those spots. 
  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders are easy to adhere to the wall. This can be a fun, DIY project that’s not terribly hard. Use whatever you want to mount to your wall—adhesive or Velcro for non-permanent solutions or nails and bolts to keep it forever. 

The Negative Side: The Cons of Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders

Naturally, there are some negatives to wall mounted holders, too. This will depend on what you consider to count as negative, but still, we think these factors apply to most bathrooms:

  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders can be hard to clean. Because they’re mounted to the wall, it can be difficult to take the actual holder off the wall and clean every corner and crevice. 
  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders don’t fit every bathroom. You can’t always alter the walls in your bathroom—especially if you’re renting property. 
  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders often leave the toothbrush exposed. Even though mounting your toothbrush to the wall can cut out on the some the dirt and germs that could get on the brush if it was in the cabinet, you’ll likely still need a toothbrush cover—and often wall mounted brushes are a tricky fit when it comes to covered brushes. 

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Are Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders Sanitary?

The short answer to this question is that a toothbrush holder is only as sanitary as you keep it. There’s no toothbrush holder out there that’s going to be 100 percent sanitary at all times without some cleaning effort on your part.

That being said, there are toothbrush holders that are designed to be more sanitary than others, and in many cases, wall mounted toothbrush holders are more sanitary. 

Still, the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your toothbrush holder will depend on a few factors:

  • How often you wash your toothbrush holder and your toothbrush 
  • How you clean your toothbrush holder and your toothbrush
  • How easy it is to remove your wall mounted holder from its place in order to clean out the crevices and corners properly 
  • How the toothbrush holder was designed—if it’s not made of a material that absorbs water and eliminates mold (like the Varuna toothbrush holders are), then you’re going to deal with more sanitization issues 

Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder FAQs

So, let’s recap by answering a few of the most commonly asked questions about wall mounted holders. 

Why Should I Consider Using a Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder?

A wall mounted holder is a great option for folks who have tiny bathrooms or simply enjoy leaving their counters bare. If you’re a minimalist who likes a clean look, this type of holder is a great option for you! 

How Do I Install a Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder?

There are a ton of ways to install your own mounted toothbrush holder! Use adhesive, use tape, use nails, use bolts—the possibilities are endless! Need a few DIY ideas to create your vision of the perfect holder? Check out our post here about the top 5 DIY concepts for the ultimate holder for your unique bathroom.

Is a Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder Sanitary? 

Like we mentioned, the sanitization of your toothbrush holder is going to depend heavily on how often and how well you clean your holder—that being said, opting for a holder that’s absorbent, eliminates mold, and keeps your toothbrush clean is a great first start! 

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Wall Mounted Holders: Our Final Thoughts 

No matter what type of toothbrush holder you decide on—wall mounted or not—just remember to keep your holder clean and sanitary! Looking for steps to clean and sanitize your toothbrush holder properly?      

Be sure to check out Varuna’s line of toothbrush holders, too. These holders naturally absorb water, eliminate mold, keep your bathroom clean, and ensure a sanitized space for your toothbrush! 


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