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Clean and Conscious

Varuna is a home decor brand with a simple purpose: to offer stylish, sustainable and sanitary designs that impact your health and home. That’s why we’ve created a water-absorbent and eco-friendly toothbrush holder that minimizes the growth of bacteria, mold, and other microbes without sacrificing on style. Our premium products are for the conscious and discerning consumer who is looking for more than just a place to store their toothbrush, but a way to make a small effort toward their health and the environment—naturally.

Our Commitment

All of our water-absorbent toothbrush holders use responsibly sourced materials and are assembled in smaller batches to reduce waste and energy. Each piece is held to the highest-quality standard throughout its entire production process. From lab-testing and quality control to hand-selecting only the finest piece for delivery to you within two days of your purchase.
Our commitment is to quality that best serves the health of our customers and the environment. We’ve created more than just a toothbrush holder, but a little peace of mind that something you do every day isn’t exposing you to bacteria, mold, or worse, because we think that a small step toward improving your health can start with how you store your toothbrush.

The Dolomite Difference

All-natural dolomite is a raw material that absorbs water in up to three seconds to stop mold and mildew from forming. Dolomite is preferable to plastics or metals, which can increase germs, mold, and bacteria build-up or rust and mildew. Varuna dolomite is sustainably sourced and made from the earth, so unlike petroleum-based products or treated metals, it won’t seep chemicals out into the environment for a low impact product that looks great while being good for you and the earth.
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